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Have You Allowed Facebook to Ruin Your Day?

"Social networking" is a term that didn't even exist prior to the mid-1990s. Social network sites (SNS) have now surpassed or even replaced previous forms of communication. Today's blog came about because I've spoken with several women who have been hurt by something they've read on the most popular SNS: Facebook. For the rest of this blog, we will refer to it as FB. This is not an "anti-FB" tirade. I am a FB user, and without it, I've been told that readers would have taken much longer to find this website. So don't worry: I'm not going on a rant that will end in "Everybody Off Facebook Today!" I'm only asking you this: Have you allowed FB to ruin your day?   If so, you may be suffering from tool abuse. No, the tool didn't abuse you; you abused the tool. Tools don't sin; users do. When tools are used correctly, they help us. When tools are abused, it's like leaving an electric staple gun on the flo

A Little Birdie Told Me

Has anyone ever told you something that you didn't need to know and would have preferred not to hear? If so, you've been hit by the GR: Gossip Reporter.These reporters live for a "scoop," and pride themselves on being "in the know." Is this a good practice? Not according to Scripture. Consider these problems with being a "GR," also known as a "talebearer:" 1. The GR is betraying someone. "A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter." (Prov. 11:13) It's becoming more and more difficult to find a trustworthy person. In matters of an extremely private nature, the GR is not a good counselor. You may find that your personal information has been "leaked," adding a new layer of problems to your situation. Due to a lack of character, the GR just can't keep a confidence. 2. The GR is stirring up trouble. "Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so wh

A Cool Head or a Hot Head?

Are you Mrs. Hot Head? "A cool head and a warm heart is an  admirable composition." --Matthew Henry, Bible commentator How would those closest to you describe you: As a cool-head or a hot-head? Are you calm in the face of unexpected events, or do you blow up all over people and just expect them to take it? Do your responses lean more towards over-reactions? Is it a scary thing to live with you? We need to be reminded now and then that God is watching, listening, and even knows why we're behaving as we do. Where did these hot-headed reactions come from? They're UDCs: Unresolved Daily Conflicts. As we allow the seeds of UDCs to pile up on the soil of our hearts, all it takes is for someone to come along and hurt us again, watering these old seeds and causing them to spring forth into a bitter, reactionary crop. Nobody is angry over nothing; there's a root cause underground somewhere, and it needs to be unearthed, examined and dealt with a

Envy Problems

ENVY: To feel uneasiness, mortification or discontent, at the sight of superior excellence, reputation or happiness enjoyed by another; to repine at another's prosperity; to fret or grieve one's self at the real or supposed superiority of another, and to hate him on that account. (Webter's 1828 Online Dictionary) Do you struggle with envy? Take this little ENVY-test to determine if you have this problem: 1. You are territorial with your friendships. If a friend is paying too much attention to someone other than you, it makes you feel threatened or even angry.  2. You say negative things about people or their work. By trying to make others look inferior, you feel superior. Criticizing the work of others usually stems from insecurity rooted in envy. 3. You treat people as "suspects" until you have decided that they're "safe." In your point of view, "safe" means they are no threat to your current relationships.

How to Survive an Explosion

 NOTE: Both my husband Norman and our Pastor, Dr. David Clear encouraged me to write this article in response to several questions regarding what to do when there has been upheaval in the ministry. This is written mainly for those who are wondering how to help. Have you ever re ad a description from a survivor of an explosion? Soldiers in battle are very familiar with this experience, as they are frequently faced with the possibility of stepping on land mines or having a grenade tossed their way. Consider this description of a grenade explosion (collected from several articles, edited for general audiences): Shrapnel (pieces of metal, glass, or flying debris) from a fragmentation grenade would be driven with a piercing force into the body at an enormous rate of speed. The heat from this explosion would be felt almost immediately. Soon, the severe burning sensation changes to coldness, particularly as shock sets in. The closer a person is to an explosion, the gr

Say You're Sorry, Mommy

Motherhood. Sometimes it includes the word, "Oops!" Especially if you accuse a child of doing something without first having all the facts... I can still vividly remember when it was raining indoors . The water was coming down from upstairs into the basement through the ceiling, and I was not singing in rain, sister! One of our creative children wanted to see what would happen if he plugged up the overflow hole in the bathroom sink. So he pushed down the stopper, then plugged the hole with wadded up toilet paper and left the room. "Austen Henderson Taylor," get down here right now!" I said with my "Here comes your funeral" voice. "What on EARTH were you thinking! Look at all this water! Now start helping me clean up. Hillary, Collin, Josh, you too! Would you just look at this mess? After we clean up, everybody is going to their room..." This wasn't for a "time-out," but it was so that I could have a cooling-off p