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How to Make Your Husband Go to the Doctor

My Norman H Our primary care physician said this to my husband: "It's the best thing in the world that you ran that 5k in April, otherwise who knows how long it would have taken you to finally come in for a checkup." My Norman had been complaining of pain since sometime in March, but then he'd joke about it. "This must be what it feels like to be 65," he'd say. And then we'd both agree that getting older has not been our favorite life task. I mean really--you go to bed age 25 and wake up age 65! Still, we have been active and in recent years, we've really seen the value of taking good care of these soul carriages called "bodies," so most days we feel younger than our years. But Norman kept saying, "My bones hurt." I had never heard that before. Hot Choc 5k Fast-forward to the Hot Chocolate 5k , where a 59-year-old wife dragged her 65-year-old (almost 66) husband to run in the the clothes-d