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Don't Say It

We were on our way home from Mom's annual vacation. Mom was in a wheelchair being pushed by a Sky Cap, Norman was hauling the luggage cart, and I was wheeling my tote. Our flight got in later than scheduled, and the airlines lost a piece of luggage as a bonus. Walking the long corridors felt like we were slogging through mud, and as they say down south, we were "TARRED" (tired). The parking ramp signs overhead gave us two options: Green Ramp or Gold Ramp. 
"Which ramp are you in?" asked the Sky Cap.

Huge pause. Huge scary pause.

Norman looked at the signs and said, "Ah, I think it's green. I'm not sure..." 
My travel-worn mind screamed: "Noooooo!Not a lost car in the ramp!Noooooo!" At least these words were still locked inside my head and hadn't yet escaped the lipgates! I was ready to pounce on his statement with a blazing question: "You don't know where you parked the car?" I opened my mouth, but before I could …