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The Language of Husband

I like feedback on new outfits, so whenever I buy one, I put it on and model it for my Norman H. The conversation goes something like this: Me: "Honey, what do you think of my new outfit?" Norman H: "Well, it looks comfortable." And then I return it. I have learned over the years that "comfortable" is code for "that looks like pajamas." So I'll either go and change, or if the tags are still on the garment, I'll march it back to the store and try again. Do you understand "husbandese"? It's a language, you know. Men often think and speak differently than women do, and we are wise if we'll learn how to speak their language, as well as being able to read the unspoken signals that are often sent. Here are a few examples: 1. "I'm not sure about that..."  Translation: "Let me think without pressure." If your husband utters those words, don't press. How can we follow the leader if we&#