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You're Too Late

"Thank you for your lesson, but you're 11 years too late." These were the words of a lady whose husband had passed away 11 years ago. In a ladies' conference workshop for wives, I warned about being the kind of woman that no one would want to live with. She confessed that she was that woman. Are you headed down the same road? We only have this moment. We don't have forever to get things right. So ask yourself: How am I treating the ones that God has placed in my life? Would they say that they enjoy living with me? Am I a blessing? Here are a few examples of things that can keep us from being what God wants us to be in our relationships: 1. Thinking that we're better than others. The term "entitled" is being tossed around a lot today, but often it is being employed by those who accuse others of this flaw. When we feel that we have a "right" to be held in high esteem by others, we are suffering from a superiority complex. We are