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The Voice Message

I was positively sure he was mistaken, but Austen was equally sure that he was not. "I called home, but I got Grandma's voice," he told me with amazement.  There were two problems with this: 1. Grandma (my Mom) had passed away on May 25, 2015. This was June 21, 2016. 2. My Mom's answering service was never connected to our home phone at any time. Austen got out his cell phone, and attempted to recreate what had just happened to him that day.  "I was sitting in Dunn Brothers coffee shop, and I dialed the house. When I got the voicemail, I hung up and called right back and that's when it said, 'This is the Raynes' residence,' and it was Grandma's voice. I'm sure of it." Now he had to prove it. He dialed. Our voicemail with my voice answered. He immediately hung up and called back. Our voicemail answered again. He hung up and called back. Again, it was my voice. I was beginning to wonder if the Lord had done something special