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Do You Know What You Have?

Someone out there may be struggling with this holiday called Valentine's Day, and I can relate.  This is my third Valentine's Day without my Norman. He was a traditional "flowers and chocolates" giver, and I gave him his faves: Raisinettes and salt and pepper pistachios.  I am learning to look at these "couple's holidays" through new lenses. Anyone can be a "Valentine," which is a beloved person. I am laboring not to mope about the absence of my husband, but I do wonder sometimes if people know how rich their lives are with the presence of people. If you have living parents, they are your Valentines. Do you appreciate what they mean in your life?  If you have siblings, they are your Valentines. Are you loving them or bickering with them? If you have children, do you remind yourself that "the fruit of the womb is his reward," or are you allowing too much negativity to spoil those relationships? If you hav