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When You Want to Run Away

Does it ever feel 
like life isganging up
on you so much that you want to run away?

Get in line and take a number. You would probably be #89,427,893,973. That's eighty-nine billion, four hundred twenty-seven million, eight hundred ninety-three thousand, and nine hundred seventy-three.
We may feel as though we'd like to find the escape route, but others may not know it. People ask the standard question: "How are you?" And as long as we supply the stock answer ("Fine") we can usually get away with pretending to be fine. It is incredibly easy to cover up our true feelings, leaving people completely unaware that we're entertaining fantasies of a hasty escape from the pile-up of stress. 

I laughed and shook my head when I read this in my morning Bible study: "I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest." (Psalm 55:8)
Hey King David, wait for me!
We are clearly not the first to feel so overwhelmed with the relentless pounding of life that we&#…