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Get Out of There

Negative emotions are like cold and snowy days: we have to endure them until the season changes. But just like a winter that lasts too long, we don't do well when we're stuck in the negative. A lady once told me that she was "in a bad place within herself."  What a description!  It immediately formed a picture in my mind of a person trapped in a cold prison, but the bars were imaginary. Are you with her? Are you in a "bad place within yourself," and you've been dwelling there going from bad to worse? Are you surprised that staying there seems so comfortable and yet so painful at the same time? Get of of there. Staying in that spot is like standing outside shivering in the cold when the nice, warm house is unlocked and right in front of you.  You don't have to stay in that spot. God has already provided a way out. It is impossible to live into adulthood without walking through a spiritual valley now and then, but the valley is not a permane