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Where's the Blogger?

"Francie, you need to blog more often," a woman said to me at a recent ladies' conference. Takeoffs at NYC La Guardia airport "I can't." "Why not?" she asked. "Because I'm here..." ...And there, and everywhere lately! My conference calendar was overweight this year, and while we've tried to slim it down for 2014, it hasn't been an entirely successful attempt. The 2014 calendar is trimmer, but still a bit over the ideal range. So, blogging has become a luxury, but the blog will continue with monthly posts. The EMagazine has gobbled up the blogging time, coupled with flying from coast to coast. Here's the scary-busy itinerary for 2013 so far: February: Connecticut and California March: Michigan ("Only one ?" Ha. Don't get me started...) April: California, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee (and by now, airport security was complimenting my outfits as I went through the check point each we