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What a Year

Our ministry has two churches in one building: English and Spanish. Pastor David Anaya is the pastor of Primera Iglesia Bautista (First Baptist Spanish Church), and I passed him in the foyer the other day. He asked the general question that we all commonly repeat: "How are you?" The only difference is that he asked me in Spanish, because he knows I'll answer in Spanish (my second language).  "Hola Hermana Taylor ¿Como  estas ?" Pregnant pause... At this point, Pastor Anaya, who is also bilingual, switched to English and said, "Oh oh. You took longer than six seconds to answer that..." My mind was fishing for the Spanish word. I hate when I draw blanks, but a lack of practice causes me to forget words that I would easily know if I would just speak Spanish more often. "Estoy aprendiendo." Probably not a perfect sentence (a fragment), but in English it means "I am learning." Pastor