Monday, October 15, 2012

God saw that...

Do we really believe that God can see us, or do we just say that we believe it? When a person knowingly lives in a way that displeases God, the lifestyle itself says "God can't see me." Or worse yet, the lifestyle is screaming, "I don't care if God can see me or not!" This is a hazardous and careless way to live, but it is more common than we'd care to admit. How's your secret life? Not so secret. It's a live-action drama in God's sight.

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good." (Prov. 15:3)


  1. How true. So many just worry about 'looking' the part on Sunday, but God sees each and every day. What we do at church means very little. It's what we do when we walk out that shows what is really in our hearts and he sees the very motives and intents of our hearts and we cannot fool him.

  2. From Jill Harris Turner: This issue of "secret sin" we often think of as only immorality or something like that, but even grudges are "secret sin". If we regard iniquity in our hearts, He will not hear us. "Every place" in this verse, even includes the thoughts and motivations that we have. We need to be careful of "that doesn't apply to me" and instead ask the Lord, "show me how this admonition applies to me." I did this and discovered one grudge that I didn't even realize was there (though there were a few pet ones in there that I was self-righteously holding on to, thinking they were 'passable' because they were 'righteous indignation' when really they were just grudges. Thank you so much for reminding us to keep a clean slate before the Lord, even in "secret" things.

  3. I think I figured out how to re-activate my google account, Mrs. Francie! Thanks for posting for me. I will try to do it from here from now on. I am "technologically challenged". LOL!


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